(Bell)Loud Dual Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

1.Loud Alarm Clock.
2.Battery Operated.
3.Snooze Function.
4.Dual Alarm.
5.Optional Weekday.
7.12/24HR Format.

Product description

* Twin bell makes it a very loud alarm clock to wake up heavy sleepers, and compared to other bell clock with dial, the digital clock enables to set the accurate alarm time you want. It is a perfect fit for kids, students and adults alike.
* The non-ticking bedside alarm clock is capable of setting 2 separate alarms for different wake-up or remind times, with a snooze functionality that allows the alarms to sound every 5 minutes until it is turned off.
* The vintage bell clock has 3 optional wake-up dates: Weekdays (Monday through to Friday); Weekend (Saturday and Sunday); and Every day (Monday through to Sunday). Choose the most appropriate one for your needs!!
* Slightly touch the top button, the electric alarm clock will light up its display to make it easy to read in the dark. And, to save energy, this backlight will automatically turn off after 8 seconds.

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