(A1L1)Large LED Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light

1.Night Light.
2.0-100% dimmer.
3.Mains Powered.
4.12/24HR Format.
5.Snooze Function.
6.Battery Memory.
7.LED Digital.

Product description

* Night Light: This bedside alarm clock comes with a built-in low-intensity night light which is great for lighting dark rooms, for emergency and it is activated by a tap of the top button.
* Full Range Dimmer Jumbo LED Digits: From a comfortable position, you can vary clock's display brightness of the display by 0-100% as per your taste with the dimmable slider. With a 4.9-inch screen, the LED red numbers are visible from any angle in the room. 12 or 24hr switch.
* Extremely Easy Setting: This alarm clock is designed to be convenient and easy to operate. No straining when setting the time and alarm. The large and wide snooze button is so easy to hit that you can do it while half asleep making it is therefore perfect for the kids, the elderly and the seniors.
* Easy Snooze Adjustable Alarm Volume: The alarm buzzer can be adjusted to low or high volume, and the ringing continues for 5 minutes which ensures you wake up. The snooze allows the alarms to sound every 9 minutes until it is turned off.
* Mains Powered: To power the alarm clock, you need to plug in the power cord into a standard power outlet(cable length:1.5 M). The 2AAA batteries, not included, are only required for maintaining settings for the time and the alarm in the event of power loss.

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